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Building Consultancy

Building Surveying

AP Services

Opulence’s in-house Authorized Person (AP) has solid experience in statutory submission to various government departments such as the Buildings Department(BD) & Housing Department (HD) for different kinds of buildings and associated works.

Our Authorized Person(s) will act as statutory Co-Ordinator to prepare and submit statutory submissions; carry out mandatory supervision of the works; liaise and notify the Building Authority and relevant Government Departments; ensure compliance of, generally, the Buildings Ordinance and allied regulations.

Our AP services include:

  • Alterations & Additions (A&A)
  • Conversion
  • New Building Works/Street Works
  • Discharge BD’s Orders
  • Fire Safety Improvement Works
  • Fire Safety Direction
  • Minor Works Submission
  • Water Seepage Investigation Report
  • Licence Application
  • Expert Witness

Project Planning, Design and Management

Opulence is expert in all-rounded project planning, design and management services with top quality to add value to clients’ property-related business objectives. Our professional staff are expert in building maintenance, renovation, additions & alterations and licence applications.

Our consultancy services include:

  • Comprehensive Renovation
  • Feasibility study for the proposed scheme
  • Master planning
  • Coordination during schematic/detailed design stage
  • Procurement and tendering
  • Contract advice and administration
  • Tender analysis and reporting
  • Progress monitoring
  • Quality and cost control

Condition Survey

Opulence’s professional inspection teams are expert to conduct detailed condition survey to assess the property condition and prepare survey reports accordingly to provide the owners with a realistic assessment of the current condition of the property/building and highlight the defective areas which require immediate attention.

Opulence will be responsible for planning, programming, coordinating, organizing, and arranging access for the survey and required tests. Survey report will be subsequently prepared and submitted for recording any non-compliance items, irregularities and defects found with photos and defect mapping, general possible cause of damages to the property, and suggest the proper remedial solutions and suitable materials and methods of repair/rectification works.

The Condition Survey generally covers the follows:

  • Flat Pre-handover Inspection
  • Pre-OP Inspection
  • Flat Handover Inspection
  • Defects Inspection of existing buildings
  • Further investigation with associated tests
  • Due diligence report

Building Safety Inspection

Opulence is expert and experienced to carry out the Building Safety Inspection (BSI) to the buildings/structures i.e. Hospitals, Police and Fire Stations, Banks etc. to identify any existing high risk and typical defects to building elements and to recommend action for taking any urgent remedial measures to remove/ mitigate the potential risk to prevent the buildings/structures from becoming unsafe to public and occupants.

Opulence’s BSI will generally cover the following building elements:

  • Structural elements (floor slabs, wall, beams, columns, ceiling soffits, staircase)
  • Suspended ceiling
  • High level internal granite/ tiling finishes and metal cladding and fixtures
  • Heavy metal gate / glass door
  • Exposed plumbing and drainage installations
  • Handrails, standing post and protective barrier
  • Cladding
  • Signage & Lightbox
  • BFA Facilities
  • External building elements and appurtenance
  • Green roofs and the supporting structures and associated drainage outlets

Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme (MBIS)

Opulence offers Registered Inspector (RI) services to deal with the pre-notification letters and statutory notice issued by Buildings Department (BD) regarding MBIS, carry out prescribed inspection and liaison with relevant BD’s officer for prescribed repair and discharge the MBIS notice after completion of repair works.

Our RI will carry out prescribed inspection personally, prepare and endorse the MBIS inspection report. They are also capable of providing supervision for prescribed repair to ensure material quality, workmanship and safety, and to prepare and submit the completion report to the BD for discharging the MBIS notice.

Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme (MWIS)

Opulence offers Qualified Person (QP) services to deal with the pre-notification letters and statutory notice issued by Buildings Department (BD) regarding MWIS, carry out prescribed inspection to the windows and liaison with relevant BD’s officer for prescribed repair and discharge the MWIS notice after completion of repair works.

Our RI/QP will carry out window inspection personally, prepare and endorse the window inspection report.  They are also capable of providing supervision for window repair works, and to notify the BD of the window repair works completion for discharging the MWIS notice.

Opulence provides a wide range of activities, coordination and processes to transform ideas and plans into the physical reality of property/land development. Advise and maximum on the development potential of a property/land.

As a business model, it involves Property Rehabilitation/Maintenance, Property Renovation, Bid Government Land by Tender and Property Revitalization in order to make the maximum benefit and profit for the Clients.

Our development planning process can be summarized as:

  • Initiation and Evaluation
  • Development Feasibility Study
  • Land and Property Acquisition
  • Optimal Design and Drawing
  • Town Planning and Building Control Approval
  • Land Administration Inputs
  • Development Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Post-construction Handover or disposal
  • Property Management

Licence Application

Opulence will provide Authorized Persons (AP) and Registered Structural Engineer (RSE) to provide services on licence applications, to certify the proposed premises are fit for application of licence, to certify compliance with health and building safety requirements for the issuance of licence, to make formal submission of plans if required, for the proposed works involving minor works / A&A works to the Buildings Department (BD) and ultimately, obtaining the provision / full licence for the client.

Our AP services for licence application include:

  • Food Business Licence
  • Places of Public Entertainment Licence / Temporary Places of Public Entertainment Licence
  • Hotel and Guesthouse Licence
  • School Licence
  • Private Columbaria Licence
  • Residential Care Homes for the Elderly Licence

Fire Safety Improvement Works

Opulence will provide Building Professionals, Specialists and Authorized Persons to deal with necessary fire safety improvement works for the building and preparation of statutory submission for related building works and fire safety construction measures to the Buildings Department (“BD”) and Fire Services Department (FSD) respectively, and to provide supervision for site work in the Project upon request and eventually discharge the Fire Safety Direction / Fire Safety Improvement Direction.

Opulence is providing professional consultancy services for Fire Safety Direction / Fire Safety Improvement Works issued under the following Ordinances:

  • Buildings Ordinance Cap. 123
  • Fire Safety (Commercial Premises) Ordinance (Cap. 502)
  • Fire Safety (Buildings) Ordinance (Cap. 572)
  • Fire Safety (Industrial Buildings) Ordinance (Cap. 636)

Infrared Thermography for Building Surveys 

Opulence provides infrared thermographic surveys which enable the identification of defects on building envelopes such as delamination and deboned of external wall rendering and finishes etc. It is a non-destructive test that can be carried out on-site rapidly without the need of scaffolding.

Our in-house qualified operators are having valid Level 1 and Level 2 Thermography Certificates for carrying out and endorsement of the infrared thermographic survey report. It is even feasible for high-rise buildings with the adoption of small unmanned aircraft equipped with a radiometric infrared.

With our infrared thermographic surveys, defects appearing in the region of hot temperature can be detected and analyzed. Our qualified inspectors apply the best available techniques to give the Client a clear sight of the condition of the building envelopes.

Building Surveying / Inspection Operations by Small Unmanned Aircraft (“SUA”)

Opulence has already obtained the Small Unmanned Aircraft Advanced Operation Permission from the Civil Aviation Department (“CAD’s prior permission”) to cover most SUA operations in Hong Kong area except the Restricted Flying Zone (RFZ) according to the new Small Unmanned Aircraft Order Cap. 448G (“SUA Order”).

All our SUA operations are carried out by experienced registered remote pilots holding an Advanced Rating with the assistance of Visual Observers and Supporting Crew under the new regulatory regime with our own registered and labelled SUAs.

We are the experts to prepare all necessary supporting documents for SUA operations, including Operations Manual, flight plan etc., and conduct the building survey by SUA to those inaccessible locations e.g. inaccessible roof, canopy, fins, pitched roof, metal roof of spectator stand etc.

Upon completion of SUA operations, an Aerial Survey Report including aerial videos and images, summary of defects and recommendation of rectification work will be prepared by our experienced inspectors and endorsed by our Building Professional.




Whole Process Engineering
  • Act as a Hong Kong Whole Process Consultant throughout the lifespan of the project, from planning stage to handover stage. Provide technical, statutory and managerial advice to the Client and Main Contractor.

  • The Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Guangdong Province started to conduct a policy study on the reform of the construction project supervision system and the pilot implementation of the Hong Kong project construction management model in the free trade zone in October 2019, and invited Guangdong Academy of Building Research Group Co., Ltd., and Hong Kong Fengyu Management Limited pays support. ​
  • Comply with the mandatory provisions of the laws of the People’s Republic of China and relevant technical standards, introduce the Hong Kong engineering construction management model, and give full play to the project management and engineering consulting experience based on the actual situation. ​ – Assist the Construction and Environmental Protection Bureau of the Hengqin New Area Management Committee and Zhuhai Da Hengqin Real Estate Co., Ltd. to complete the whole-process engineering consulting related services within the scope of the main contract with high quality. ​
  • Further improve the organization model of engineering construction, promote the development of whole-process engineering consulting services, improve the quality and efficiency of engineering construction, promote the transformation and upgrading of the engineering consulting industry in our province, accelerate the integration with international engineering consulting models, and cultivate internationally competitive engineering consulting enterprises, Promote the “going out” of the engineering consulting industry and serve the realization of the “One Belt, One Road” strategy.


Architectural Design

Schematic design is a process of turning a project design into physical drawings. In schematic design, the project team determines the areas, physical requirements and relationships of all the required building spaces and components.

Opulence offers professional schematic design services, from 2-dimension layout design to 3-dimensional spatial planning including:

  • Master Planning,
  • Facades upgrading
  • Sustainable Design

Property & Facility Management

Property Management

We offer a full financial service scope for all our instructions and tailor-make financial reports to suit the particular requirements at each client’s request.

Our scope of services included:

  • Billing and Collection of Rental and Service   Charges

  • Budgeting, Establishment and    Maintenance of Capital Equipment Funds

  • Rental and Management Fee Deposit

  • Income and Expenditure Reports

We provide an array of carefully planned services and activities to add value to our customers.

Our Mission:

  • Clubhouses as residents’ extended homes

  • Emphasize on quality design and facilities

  • Create tasteful and comfortable environments

  • Provide exceptional lifestyle management advice and services

We provide our clients with high quality and diversified club house management services, included:

  • Membership System Development and Management

  • Provision of Sports, Leisure and Entertainment Facilities to Members/Residents

  • Facilities Booking Services

  • Facilities Maintenance Services

  • Provision of Staff Recruitment and Training

We have a strong emergency support team and have set up a 24 hours control center.

Our emergency support team will be on call at any time and are able to deploy sufficient manpower and resources for handling any emergency case
(e.g. Water Leakage, Breakdown of Electricity)


Facility Management

We strive to provide a safety environment in our managed properties through developing effective security measures and strategies to our clients.

Our security management team provides comprehensive security services for properties throughout Hong Kong, covering industrial and commercial buildings, luxury villas and private residential properties, shopping centres, exhibitions and galleries, personal bodyguards, government premises, educational institutions and construction worksites, etc.

We emphasise on the personal qualities, moral standard and working attitude of our security guards. To cater for the needs of our clients and to maintain professionalism, we provide our staff with orientation and regular on-the-job training to ensure their grasp of most up-to-date news affairs and security knowledge.

We place major emphasis on quality and have secured many accreditations including ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) and OHSAS 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems), and has continuously improved the quality and standards of its services based on clients’ feedbacks and its own reviews.

Our scope of security services included:

  • Provision of Security Guarding Services to Construction Sites / Residential and Commercial Buildings

  • Crowd Management at Special Events and Exhibitions

  • Provision of Induction / Safety Training​

  • Security System Solutions, including Design, Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Security Devices

  • Night-time / Unannounced Audition

  • Security Assessment and Consultation Services

  • Establishment of Security Guard Monthly Report System

We provide a range of customer and concierge services for shopping malls and commercial buildings, included:

  • High Quality Customer Services

  • Brand Image Design

  • Concierge Service

  • Other Value-added experiences

We plan and arrange wide range of activities for different types of clients to enhance their sense of belongings and to strengthen their awareness towards safety and environmental protection.

These activities included:

  •  Interest Classes

  • Small Scale Recreational Activities

  • Waste Management and Recycling Program

  • Fire Drill and Fire Safety Seminar

  • Free Consulting Service

  • Advice on Maintenance Works.

Environmental & Energy Management

We provide provides top-notch cleaning services to our clients throughout Hong Kong, covering apartments, luxury villas, commercial buildings, factories, shopping centres, clubhouses, car parks, educational institutions and properties of the HKSAR Government including the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC)

Our scope of cleaning services included:

  • Basic Office / Buildings Cleaning

  • Furniture Protective Treatment

  • Marble and Plastic Board Care

  • Air Purification

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Disinfection

  • Post – Renovation Cleaning and Deodorisation

We provide a wide range of landscaping services, including

  • Garden design

  • Tree Survey and Management

  • Horticultural Maintenance

  • Sapling Supply and Planting

  • Tree Removal

  • Turf Laying Services

We provide our clients with one-stop professional pest control services includes:

  • Pest Inspection

  • Pest Identification

  • Pest Prevention and Control

  • Pest Monitoring Services.

We would only apply the insecticides that are registered under the Pesticides Ordinance of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department and those innovative and cost-effective equipment.

Leasing & Agency Services

We provide our clients with comprehensive rental management services, including

  • Property Leasing Services

  • Rental Management Services

  • Handling of Tenancy Disputes

  • Regular Inspection Services

Details Coming Soon


Systems and Design
Opulence is always willing to adopt new technology and new suggestions to improve our service in property and facility management. We have adopted various types of innovation suggestions which does not limited to hardware, such as advanced equipment and tools, but also with several software newly adopted in the local and worldwide industry. We even have self-developed mobile app called “Intellectual Property Management System”, which is developed to ensure high operational and management efficiency in property and facilities management.
IPMS aims to increase the efficiency in property and facility management in various aspects. Such as security guarding services, cleansing services, residents / tenancy management services, property financial management services, repair and maintenance services, facility booking services, concierge services. Many functions could be tailor-made to fulfil the requirements from clients.

1. Intelligent Property Management System (IPMS)

Works Order System (WOS) is a Digital Works Supervision System (DWSS) developed by Kudos Construction Limited , it aims to increase the efficiency of the different works progress in construction site. It is able to save digital data by cloud services that are secure and reliable, allowing users to access corporate files via a variety of devices anytime (such as smartphone, tablet or desktop computers). Files are backed up automatically after changes are made and at specified times. Tailor-made interface enable users to set up an account and access data anytime.
Main Features of WOS as below :

1. Cloud Services System
2. Set up the data of works order in construction site
3. Manage and monitor the progress of works order

Advantages of WOS:
1. Improve traditional methods to save data by paper / hand, along with high accuracy
2. Integrate and gather all information in one platform
3. All data are stored in digital format (and could be exported in different format)
4. Decrease the cost of storage and printing

Main Usage:
1. Management Staff of Construction (such as building surveyors and inspectors) could create different works order by WOS and assign tasks to different users.
2. Inspectors of Construction could fill in the electric form and attach pictures of works order , then upload to WOS for records.
3. WOS has built-in instant messenger to improve internal communication between management staff and workers.
4. Management Staff of Construction could upload different floor and indicate specific locations in construction site.
5. Data could be restored in case of any incidents of missing files.

 Our Services Includes:

  • Connecting Building Systems​
  • Connecting People and Technology​
  • Connects computer networks into one larger “Super-network”​
  • Connecting to Global Environment​
  • Connecting to the Smart Power Grid​
  • Connecting to an Intelligent Future
  • Ensure Internal Environmental Quality​​
  • Illumination
  • Thermal comfort
  •  Indoor Air quality(IAQ)
  •  Physical security
  •  Sanitation
  •  Lowest Cost and Environmental Impact

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