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Construction Works

Kudos Construction Services

Alteration and Addition (A&A) Works involve minor changes to the building structure, examples of A&A works to existing building include:

  • Constructing a new extension, vertically or horizontally, to an existing building

  • Linking two or more floors by removing parts of the floor slab and/or adding internal staircases

  • Combining two or more units into one by removing the partition walls

  • Conversion of an existing building, including wholesale conversion of an existing industrial building​

  • Installing cladding or curtain wall to the façade of existing buildings

  • Adding water tanks, canopies, shelters, structural frames for advertisement signboards, air-conditioning plants, etc.

  • Modification of means of escape, means of access and barrier free access

Alteration & Addition and Demolition Works at Plaza 2000

Rehabilitation and Maintenance Works extends the useful life of buildings effectively and enable occupiers to enjoy their premises.

Below is one of the successful experience of Kudos in Rehabilitation and Maintenance Work.

Siu Sai Wan Sports Ground

Renovation refers to the process of improving or modernizing an old, damaged or defective building. It returns the building to a good stage of repair and eliminate hazard to public health and hygiene.

Minor Works Control System aims to facilitate building owners and occupants in carrying out small-scale building works safely and lawfully through simplified requirements.

Minor works are classified into three classes, namely Class I, Class II and Class III, according to their nature, scale and complexity and the risk to safety they posed.

‘Fit out’ is a term used to describe the process of making interior spaces suitable for occupation. It is often where the base construction is completed by the developer, and the final fit out by the occupant.

Below are some of our major job experiences:

Fitting Out Works in Exhibition Hall, Zero Carbon Park, Kowloon Bay

Fitting Out Works for an Italian luxury fashion shop at Pacific Place

The legislation empowers the Building Authority (BA) to issue statutory notices to owners as necessary requiring them to carry out prescribed inspections and prescribed repairs of their buildings and windows to ensure public safety and hygiene.

The Buildings Department (BD) has set up a pre-acceptance mechanism for granting in-principle acceptance to MiC systems / components.

The pre-acceptance mechanism aims to resolve the non-site specific design and construction matters of a MiC system / component and provide curtailed assessment on whether the design and materials used meet certain minimum standards for a particular aspect set out under the provisions of BO so that the industry would have greater confidence in using such systems / components for the local projects.

On The IPA List of Steel MiC Systems

On The IPA List of Concrete MiC Systems

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